HTL of the Month

Every so often, we will be featuring one of our fellow High Tea Lovers as our HTL (High Tea Lover) of the Month!  Every featured HTL will receive a beautiful box of cup cakes as a thank-you for sharing their tips and talent with us all!

Our latest featured High Tea Lover is Lisa-Jayne Green, who hosted an amazing high tea to celebrate her 50th Birthday.  It was such a delight to meet and work with Lisa, and to see all her unique and fun styling ideas come to life on the day!.  Lisa has been kind enough to share some of her favourite pictures from the day and also how she created such a beautiful event to enjoy with her family and friends… 

Photography by Sarah Kate Dorman

What made you decide to celebrate your 50th Birthday with an Antiquitea high tea?

It was love at first sight when I discovered Antiquitea.  The website literally took my breath away!  It showcased the most beautiful tea cups and saucers I had ever seen, along with exquisite and charming cake plates, vintage linens, pretty flowers and magnificently decorated tables.. it all just made my knees buckle!  I could sit and stare at them all day, clapping my hands with squeals of delight!  Forget the food, Antiquitea captures everything that speaks to my heart, so it was the perfect choice for my birthday.



A very vintage welcome

I loved all the vintage touches you added… what were some of your favourites?

I loved my birthday banner.  Paper doilies were tea-stained and stamped individually with a black calligraphy old-font style letter.  The doilies were then gently threaded together with pretty vintage ribbon and hung in celebration.  So simple and effective.

I also set up a vintage collectable table displaying some of my favourite things from my childhood.  My very first school case, the teddy bear which my Mum and Dad gave me for my first birthday, an amazing bird’s nest given to me by my Nana when I was a little girl, a crochet dress (which was my absolute all-time favourite – with matching headband of course!)…  my Nana kept adding length to the hem as I grew taller each summer!  And not forgetting my first bra! .. who knows why I ever kept that!? .. and a few other nostalgic pieces collected over the years.

Oh, and I managed to find an old wooden croquet set which I envisaged my guests having a hit-n-giggle.  As it was a blistering 41 degrees that day, the croquet set was only admired from air-conditioned comfort!



Vintage styling at its best

It was a real pleasure to waitstaff at your event and the food looked so delicious!  Can you share with us how you catered for your event and what were the ‘standouts’ on the menu?

Through a mutual love of baking and presenting food, my dear Mum, best friend Janet and I were able to provide the quintessential afternoon tea!  All the food was inviting and scrumptious.  Standouts would have to be Janet’s mini hazelnut meringues, but sssshhh, don’t tell her otherwise she’ll get a big head!  She already thinks she’s Nigella (both in cooking and appearance)!  My Mum’s dainty scones and delectable ribbon sandwiches also were the talk of the tables… and so were my florentines with a ginger twist – but probably not for the same reason!  .. and the gorgeous cupcakes were by Cupcakes by Caela…truly heavenly.


Home-made delights!

Your guests seemed to really love the games and entertainment side of things, what do you think they enjoyed the most?

Over a cup of tea, women can sit down together and share whatever is in their hearts, and just slow down from the craziness outside for a while.  There is actually time to laugh, listen and engage in polite conversation.. until the games begin!  We enjoyed numerous games throughout the afternoon.  For the main game, each guest was given a beautiful scroll tied with a ribbon in their goody bag.  On each scroll was a synopsis on each guest.  Everyone had to work out who was who!  It was heaps of fun and generated a lot of conversation.  Also the ‘movie one-liners’ quiz was a blockbuster hit… lace gloves off, boxing gloves on!!


Puzzling over the quiz!

What advice do you have for anyone who might be considering hosting a similar event?

For anyone who has ever curled up on a sofa with a cup of tea watching an episode of Downton Abbey or Pride and Prejudice, dreaming of reminiscent times when the pace of life was slower, of romantic teas served after a game of croquet on the lawn, then your next social highlight event should be with Antiquitea.  Fiona offers a tea party Jane Austen would be proud to attend!  She is such a polished and proficient expert in all aspects of serving high tea, it’s no wonder she has such an acclaimed reputation.  She thinks of EVERY single detail (even when you don’t)!  My advice is simple:  As there is something uniquely gracious about the etiquette and manners we bring to a high tea, I encourage you and your guests to indulge and frock-up for the occasion.  Everyone will secretly love it!  And to take lots and lots of photos as a beautiful memory of such a perfect day…


The perfect setting for a Vintage High Tea


A welcoming place setting for the Birthday Girl


Thank you Lisa-Jayne, for sharing your beautiful birthday high tea with us.