Hints & Tips

Tips for Perfect Tea Sandwiches

When making your own tea sandwiches, keep these useful tips in mind!..

  • Use different breads (white, wholemeal, rye, etc) for an attractive presentation
  • Always use thinly-sliced sandwich bread (not toast or thick-sliced) – using frozen bread is fine (as long as it was fresh when first frozen)
  • Spread the bread very thinly with softened butter (this keeps the filling from making the bread soggy)
  • Assemble the sandwiches, trim off the crusts and cut them into finger sandwiches – by making two parallel cuts
  • Arrange the sandwiches onto vintage china sandwich serving plates and cover with cling film (or waxed paper and a damp dishtowel).
  • Store in fridge or somewhere cool.  Remove cling film just before serving.


Hints and Ideas (for that extra special touch)

  • Set up a ‘water station’ for your guests – include a glass jug (or carafe) filled with chilled water and a few slices of lemon, plus some glasses, so they can help themselves throughout the high tea.
  • Why not ask your florist (or Antiquitea) for some rose petals to scatter on the tables?
  • Add accessories to your table, such as strings of pearls (from Spotlight) or vintage sundae glasses or bowls filled with gold or pink foil-wrapped, heart-shaped chocolates.
  • Place gift bags filled with little tea party favours, door prize raffle tickets, a quiz tied with a ribbon and a pretty pencil and other game accessories on each guest’s chair – what a wonderful welcome!
  • When holding a buffet high tea, it’s a good idea to have a few ‘occasional tables’ dotted around the place, so that your guests have somewhere to rest their cup and saucer whilst they are eating their cake.


Hosting the Perfect High Tea Event

Click on the icon below to download our tips for hosting the perfect Antiquitea high tea!