Zowi is a small robot that helps children learn about technology through STEM toys.

Zowi, a project by bq, is an intelligent robot designed for more minor children. Bq’s primary goal is to bring Zowi into schools so that children ages 8+ can learn coding and programming through play and be introduced to technology in a safe and fun way. The main goal of bq is to bring Zowi into schools so that children ages eight and up can learn code and programming while playing. This will allow them to enter the world of technology safely but also have fun.

Even though it is a toy, it still has an education ecosystem and a comprehensive pedagogical path.

Zowi, an open-source intelligent robot, is available to anyone. The code, the physical ecosystem, and the app are all freely available, so anyone can modify and understand them.

When you first take this robot out of the box, it already knows a few tricks. It can walk, dance and dodge obstacles. It can also emit sounds and make mouth movements. Children can learn the basics by pressing the three buttons on the back.

I adjust to the child’s age and learning pace and progressively increase the task’s difficulty.

Children can create simple sequences using the timeline after playing and exploring with the software. This simple task will teach kids sequential thinking.

In addition, the app contains a variety of games and projects that teach children theoretical lessons.

Bitbloq allows children to create new Zowi programs and then teach Zowi. Bitbloq, a block-programming device similar to Arduino that is designed for children, uses simple color blocks so kids can reprogram Zowi’s brain.

The buzzer can be programmed to react to sounds that the child wants. This way, kids can learn conditionals and how to program the bible to solve everyday problems.

The best way to introduce kids to STEM is to dismantle Zowi and see how it works on the inside. They can then add sensors on Bitbloq to the program, which allows them to create their robot.

Once the children have opened ZOW I, they will discover the controller board and the sensors. They can then compare the Zowi components to the ones in the basic kit and learn the basics of electronics and technology.

The controller board can be used to reprogram Zowi’s new abilities.

You can customize Zowi from the inside. You can even change the head using a 3-D printer if you wish. In the end, kids can share their projects and inventions on the dedicated platform of Zowi’s site.

This is a great way to introduce kids to STEM. If you’re considering implementing this interactive toy, you can find more workshops to help families learn and interact with essential robot learning.

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