RECLAIM & RECYCLE: A Sustainable Toy Design Service

Toy designers and toy brands empower the next generation so that they can explore the wonders of childhood and achieve their full potential. Future generations must also inherit a world full of potential. Most often, toys are discarded by children because they have outgrown them or due to wear. These toys then end up in landfills. We can ensure that today’s toys do not become waste by working together to recycle and reclaim materials.

Mattel launched Mattel PlayBack to make play more sustainable and responsible, based on the principles of The Circular Economy. Mattel PlayBack, a toy return program, will allow families to prolong the life of their Mattel products once they have finished using them. The new program is intended to reuse and recycle old Mattel toys’ materials for future Mattel products. After collection, the toys are separated into polymer types and cleaned if needed. The material is extruded into plastic pellets and used in new recycled products when possible. Mattel PlayBack uses materials that can’t be recycled into new toys to convert them from waste or down-cycle them.

In the beginning, Barbie (r), Matchbox (r), and MEGA (r)toys will be accepted for recycling. Other brands may follow in the future. The program will initially be offered in the United States, Canada, and France. Later, it will also be extended to Germany, the United Kingdom, and France through third-party partners.

The waste problem is serious for both our communities and the planet. Kids can also help protect the earth. Mattel’s initiative will advance the Circular Economy within the Toy Industry and teach children the importance of protecting our planet. Mattel has committed to a significant financial investment in this toy return program as part of its commitment to sustainability.

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