Kit designed to prepare you for adulthood.

The Internet has enabled people to access a wide range of resources. People still find taboo subjects hard to discuss or get answers for. Sexual health is one such topic. Today, we will talk about – It Kit. This kit was designed to help you prepare for adulthood.

Sex Education is a high-quality teaching program that helps people learn the information, skills, and motivation to make healthy decisions regarding sex and homosexuality. This is high-quality teaching on a wide range of topics. It also explores values and beliefs related to those topics. It helps people gain the skills to manage relationships and care for their sexual well-being.

ISL has developed the IT KIT prototype in collaboration with The National Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Teen Pregnancy, IDEO, and The National Campaign to Prevent Adolescent and Teen Pregnancy. It allows newly independent young women to be ready for any situations they may want to engage in. The idea is to create a safe sex product that changes according to user’s preferences and age. A chatbot (IVY) powered artificial intelligence via text message and an optional parent integration that facilitates open, educated conversations with teens and parents.

The K-12 program is a kit that covers a wide range of topics.

Human Development

Relationships: Families, friends, romantic relationships, and dating

Personal Skills

Sexual Behavior (Abstinence and sexuality in Life)

Sexual Health

Culture and Society (gender, diversity, and sexuality)

The IT Kit has a quirky design language that engages and attracts viewers. Do they have a deck of cards with essential questions and their answers, such as What is consent? How do you use a condom? There are also comic strips that add humor to the knowledge exchange. AI Chats can be very useful for specific serious questions.

This kit educates, protects, and helps teen girls at a pivotal moments of their lives. It will be like a Guardian Angel looking out for you to make you feel secure. This kit is a great way to get kids involved in small groups, and encourage open-minded discussions. It is time to start teaching and learning along with valuable information.

The core group included Margot Maunder, Julian Gindi and Maggie Gaudaen. several other also helped to bring the project into life. Laura Pursel Maggie Famiglietti Thomas Degry, and Zach Saale.

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