Innovative Activity Kits for Learning STEAM Education

Smartivity makes intelligent educational kits to teach STEAM to children aged 3+. The World’s Finest Smart Construction Toys are made to make learning the basics FUN. They believe that children can be the makers of a better tomorrow and inspire them to unlock their full potential as innovators, creators, tinkers, or problem-solvers to make our future!

Toys are divided into age groups. For example, 3+ is for basic Shapes and Numbers, Letters, Identifying the world around them, Colors, and Animals. 6+ is for Basic Maths and Mechanics. 7+ is for Robotics and Motion and Engineering. 8+ includes Art and Crafts and working principles.

Smartivity’s STEAM activity kits are made from MDF sheets and are eco-friendly. No glue exists, and the connection system is based on different motions and mechanisms.

The toys help empower kids by encouraging them to become curious and creative learners always looking for innovative solutions. This helps them develop the hard and soft skills needed to succeed. Smartivity STEAM Education Construction Toys make STEAM Learning fun, hands-on, and practical.

SMARTIVITY is a design-centric company committed to constructively engaging children.

THE POWER of PLAY: Children learn best by playing and retain their learning for a longer period

STEAM’S PROMISE: Understanding steam concepts practically is essential to success.

A CHILD’S POTENTIAL: Every child has the potential to become a “maker.” For a better and brighter future.

The Pride of Making: Every child is a contributor, not just a passive consumer.

Playing and building with an intelligent activity kit for STEAM education is beneficial. This helps boost kids’ confidence, curiosity, and creativity, design and own toys, face the challenges that come their way, and find innovative solutions by being responsible for the Toys. It Improves the child’s patience and attention span through an immersive mind and body experience. Develops persistence and commitment to improving focus.

The toys will also help your child to develop scientific knowledge, deeper understanding, and retention of concepts based on experiment learning. They can form a bridge between theoretical and practical knowledge in real-life situations. It helps them with Problem-solving, Decision Making, Analytical skills, and Cognitive abilities and develops their independent and Scientific thinking.

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