Technology is the driving force behind most of the innovations we see today. The word “Efficiency” is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Technology. In recent years, there has been a growing concern that efficiency-driven Technology might outgrow Human capabilities and qualities. Over time, Technology could change our DNA and our behavior, and “domesticate” humans. The need of the moment is to move towards humanizing Technology. There is a pressing need to combine digital and physical mediums.

Humanising Technology is the creation of New Models of Design which are more balanced. It is about creating a bidirectional relationship between Technology, the User, and machines that speak in a human language.

We need to understand how Technology affects children (via tablets and smartphones). How do they play, learn and develop skills? For children to develop a healthy relationship with Technology, we need Technology that’s more intuitive, integrated, and human.

SmartKit, designed by Matthieu Müller, combines Technology with layers of fun and playfulness. Muller developed the SmartKit while completing the MA Design Products program at the Royal College of Art. He was given a brief by OPPO London Design Centre, the design hub of the global technology company OPPO.

Smartkit consists of a three-piece set of toys for children that can be used with smartphones. The Smartkit enhances a child’s technology experience by “combining both the physical world and the digital one.” The toys are made of cardboard and animated with the help of smartphone features. The app allows the child to control the speaker, flash, and display.

Muller successfully put the children in the center of the Design and create a product that will positively impact the development of children. Creating an enjoyable interaction between Little Humans, Technology, and the Little Humans can be seen as a step in humanizing Technology.

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