It was in 1995 that Toy Story was released. This was one of the most famous animated films in history. If you remember the movie (and even if you do not, I’m sure you have at least seen it once), the main antagonist was a boy with unkindness, a Skinhead appearance, and a black shirt with a prominent skull on it: sid. Even though he was labeled a ‘bad boy,’ I have always been fascinated by his maker nature. His most excellent hobby was destroying toys, often those of his sister, to make new ones. He would assemble parts with no apparent logic but surprising results. Behind Toy Rescue is an adult, Sid, who has learned from his youth mistakes and is now trying to use his talents for a noble cause.

Toy Rescue, a platform that allows you to find replacements for games of all types, was born in France, in December 2019, from a partnership between Dagoma, a local 3D printer manufacturer, and TBWA, a renowned communications agency. You may find it strange, but toys have no spare parts. Whether they are vehicles, action figures, or board games, there is no way to replace them.

This bug is a natural consequence in the lifecycle of toys. For example, in France, more than 40 million toys are thrown out every year. Both because they are damaged or unusable and because there is no way to fix them… imagine how this number would grow if it was extended to the entire world! Toy Rescue saw an opportunity in this problem. Why not replace broken or unusable pieces with 3D-printed substitutes?

The idea was simple, but the technology needed to be there. So, the company had to dig deep to create an online database for spare parts. They analyzed the market to find the best-selling toys, then digitized the most fragile, hard to replace or repair components using 3D scanning. Each part was 3D scanned, tested against the broken reference toy, and uploaded as a print file.

Download the file to your computer. Print it yourself If he cannot find what he is looking for in this section, he may request it. Custom orders . The platform is a large online community. The makers are involved in the process of creating by giving them the task. missing pieces. Pushing them to Freely suggest Printing files or new spare parts for those without a 3D printer.

Toy Rescue was the service that needed to be improved. It has solid foundations, which bode well for its scalability in terms of technical (3D modeling) and communication. This last aspect is worth mentioning; the Website also has a simple, well-done design, is easy to navigate, and is evident in its contents. The tone of voice, which is engaging and fun, is also a great addition.

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